We offer first-class premium strategic advice and services to the more than 3000 valued clients who have trusted us over  the past 35 years.

A wealth of experience gained from providing a comprehensive range of services to a wide variety of clients allows us to tailor our expertise to meet the financial goals of each and every one of them.

So whether a sole trader, a small or medium-sized business owner or a large enterprise we have your taxation and accounting needs covered.


At Andresen McCarthy Partners, we ensure our team remains at the forefront of the latest legislative reforms. Our firm is committed to developing high-performance taxation strategies for our valued clients.

Services include:

  • Financial Statements
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Financial reports
  • Indirect taxes (GST, FBT, PAYG and CGT)


Our advisory service provides leading strategies and tools to maximise personal and business returns and growth. This process incorporates mentoring, establishing business goals and assessing viable alternatives.

Services include:

  • Establishing business and investment structures
  • Business performance monitoring
  • Budgeting & cash-flow projections
  • Remuneration planning

SUPERANNUATION (SMSF’S – Self Managed Super Funds)

Our knowledge and expertise in SMSF’s allows us to implement tailored superannuation strategies designed to ensure greater flexibility in asset allocation that enables clients to take maximum advantage of superannuation reforms.

We excel in helping clients setup their SMSF to achieve their ultimate financial goals. Our technical excellence in SMSFs means we can implement effective strategies and manage financial statements as well as ensuring compliance through comprehensive auditing.

Our technical excellence within the area of SMSF’s can help you implement strategies such as:

  • Transition to Retirement (Working Pension)
  • Borrowing within Superannuation
  • Transferring personal assets into Superannuation whilst minimising costs such as stamp duty and capital gains tax

We take the headache out of superannuation compliance and work with you to achieve your financial planning goals by using the latest technology.

Services include:

  • Financial statements
  • Compliance
  • Auditing